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Stafford Claims Consulting LLC

Don Stafford
358 The Arborway
Boston, MA 02130
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My work with insurance property claims related matters for over 30 years has positioned me to speak in an expert capacity regarding the valuation of personal property and commercial contents as related to insurance claims settlement and in other matters requiring valuation expertise.

During my career, I have had the opportunity to assist insurance adjusters in the preparation and resolution of well over 1 million contents claims. My education and unique level of experience, accumulated over a career spanning 38 years, has allowed me to develop specialized technical knowledge and skill in contents valuation and insurance claims practice. This enables me to render expert findings, fair and impartial opinions, using research and valuation methods generally accepted in this field of endeavor.

Whether in Deposition, Testimony at Trial, or in Written Report for the consideration of the court, I deliver an objective analysis and evaluation of the evidence presented in any particular case. I also can act in an Expert Consultant capacity, in the event that rather than testimony, comments are required on the merits of a particular case or body of evidence.

In the area of Alternative Dispute Resolution, acting as Appraiser, I provide objective, independent review, analysis and testimony when a claim has been remanded to Appraisal. In regards to contents, with my technical knowledge, I can properly address all the key issues and disputes within the differing analyses of the claim and do so within the parameters of the applicable policy. Ultimately, I present a qualified and solid foundation for my findings and seek to do so in a clear and precise way.


1970 – 1973, Undergraduate studies, New England Conservatory
1995, MBA with Honors, Northeastern University, Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society for Collegiate Schools of Business

Employment History

1973 – 1984: Various

During this period, I held various sales, purchasing and management positions with companies involved in the retail sale and wholesale distribution of appliances, consumer electronics and recorded music.

1984 – 2012: Home Entertainment Distributors, Inc. dba Insurers World – President

The principal business of Insurers World was in the service of insurance carriers in relation to personal and commercial property contents claims. Services lines of business included: contents valuation software, on site scope of loss, valuation of contents through the research of like kind and quality replacement items and their associated replacement cost values. During my tenure, I was responsible for corporate management, insurance carrier relations, production practices, strategic initiatives, claims business logic, good faith compliance and product development.

1996 – 2012: Via Group, LLC – Executive Vice President

Via Group was founded to accommodate the spinoff and merger of the contents software divisions of Insurer’s World and Waxman Insurance Services. I held this position simultaneously with my employment at Insurers World.

2012 – 2015: Enservio, Inc. – Senior Vice President & Consultant

I joined Enservio following their acquisition of Insurers World. Enservio is a technology and services company dedicated to the insurance industry and its claimants. Enservio software and service solutions include on site inventory, valuation, payments and contents replacement. My initial responsibilities were to assist in the transition and integration related to the acquisition and merger. My role developed to include internal consultation related to sales, product development, data analysis, claims market trends and customer experience. As consultant, I also worked with clients addressing issues regarding work flow, claims process and procedure.

2015 to Present: Stafford Claims Consulting LLC – Principal

Stafford Claims Consulting has 2 areas of focus. Litigation support in the form of consulting, dispute resolution, appraisal and expert witness services. The other area of endeavor is in consulting with insurance carriers on claims practice and process seeking to enhance efficiency, accuracy and customer satisfaction.

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