A former associate: “When I needed an honest, unvarnished answer that put the work and the customer first, I knew I could always seek advice from Don.”

A former associate: “I never met anyone with a greater thirst to not only learn but to provide insight from his vast experience while also remaining humble in his approach.”

A former associate: “Ultimately, Common Sense Must Prevail.” – Don Stafford. This quote still resonates with me every time I am reviewing a claim. I am not only looking to make sure our standards are met, but that we do right by our client each and every time. Thanks for the great advice!”

A former associate: “Don is a born visionary whose incredible intellect has afforded him the development of an industry almost by himself. His appetite for knowledge is perfect for any entrepreneurship. He is fearless against any odds and able to overcome any obstacles. He was absolutely great to work with.”

A former associate: “Second only to Don’s knowledge of the world of contents is Don’s enthusiasm for the world of contents. Don is a passionate and animated speaker. Don could read the dictionary out loud and make it exciting.”

A former associate: “Don’s grasp of what the common family needs from an insurer in the realm of contents settlement and service is what made him a success.”

A former associate: “Having the good fortune of working with Don for well over a decade, I can attest to his energy, commitment and ability to adapt, change and innovate in the industry he helped build.”
A former associate: “Like a Michael Jordon, being a part of Don’s team will make you a better player. Period.”

“A former associate: “”When I started 15 years ago, I had thought this would just be a temporary job. Don’s passion for accuracy inspired me to bring that same fire to my work. I’m proud to say that I’ve turned this job into a career, and continue to strive for accuracy above all else.

A former associate: “Don is a fountain of knowledge and is vivacious in every endeavor. It is obvious he has a passion for the insurance industry.”

A former associate: “Don is a great wealth of knowledge, and he imparts it to anyone who is smart enough to listen. He does this with anecdotes, stories, enthusiasm and a zest for life.”
A former associate: “Anytime I hear Don speak, I am in awe of how intelligent he truly is. ”

A former associate: “Don Stafford is a pure genius with a dedication that is unwavering. Don was the heart and soul of our company, his enthusiasm is contagious and there isn’t anything he can’t do.”

A former associate: “I worked with Don for nearly15 years at Insurer’s World. During this time I had a front row seat as Don envisioned, designed and implemented many new products and services – most of which were cutting edge at the time. Don’s understanding and knowledge of the industry is only exceeded by his energy and enthusiasm for it.”

A former associate: “Don never ceased to amaze and inspire. I did not work with Don long but found his contributions and knowledge base extraordinary. Insurers World set the bar for the industry.”

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