Insurance Expert Witness & Litigation Support

Areas of Expertise relevant to First Party Insurance Coverage Litigation and Third-Party Liability/Subrogation:

  • Personal Property & Commercial Contents Damages Valuation & Appraisal
    • Like Kind & Quality
    • Replacement Cost Value
    • Depreciation
    • Actual Cash Value
    • Fair Market Value
  • Damages per terms & conditions of the applicable insurance policy
  • Insurance Contents Claims Practices

Mr. Stafford’s unique level of experience and education, accumulated over a career spanning 48 years, has allowed him to develop specialized technical knowledge and skill in contents valuation and insurance claims practice. This enables him to render expert findings, fair and impartial opinions, using research and valuation methods generally accepted in this field of endeavor.

Whether in Deposition, Testimony at Trial, or in Written Report for the consideration of the court, Mr. Stafford delivers an objective analysis and evaluation of the evidence presented in each particular case. He also can act in an Expert Consultant capacity, in the event that rather than testimony, analysis is required on the merits of a particular case and body of evidence.

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