Insurance Expert Witness Personal Property Valuation & Appraisal

Personal Property & Commercial Contents Damages Valuation & Appraisal / Like Kind & Quality / Replacement Cost Value - Depreciation - Actual Cash Value / Fair Market Value / Insurance Contents Claims Practice

Insurance Appraisal & Dispute Resolution

Independent - Competent - Impartial / Commercial Contents & Personal Property Contents Claims Evaluation / Indemnity Verification: LKQ, RCV, ACV, FMV / Effective in Dispute Resolution Windstorm Insurance Network – WIND Certified Appraiser

Personal Property Valuation & Appraisal

Commercial Contents & Personal Property Valuation / Like Kind & Quality Determination / Replacement Cost Value - Depreciation - Actual Cash Value Fair Market Value

Subrogation & Tort Damages

Prima Facie Opinion / Expert Report & Testimony / Demand Side Subrogation or Settlement Recovery

Sample Cases

Tort & Subrogation Defense – Personal Property Fair Market Valuation / Subrogation Defense – Commercial Loss Valuation of Stock & Salvage Recovery / First Party Tort Defense – Unauthorized Removal by Post Foreclosure Service

Don Stafford Personal Property Valuation & Appraisal Expert

Mr. Stafford’s unique level of experience and education, accumulated over a career spanning 48 years, has allowed him to develop specialized technical knowledge and skill in contents valuation and insurance claims practice. This enables him to render expert findings, fair and impartial opinions, using research and valuation methods generally accepted in this field of endeavor.