Insurance Appraisal and Dispute Resolution

  • Effective Personal Property or Commercial Contents Dispute Resolution
  • Windstorm Insurance Network – WIND Certified Appraiser®
  • Insurance Appraisal Participation
  • Acting in the capacity of:
    • Appraiser
    • Umpire
    • Consulting Expert

In the area of Alternative Dispute Resolution, I provide objective, independent review, analysis and testimony when a claim has been remanded to Appraisal. In regards to contents, with my technical knowledge, I can properly address all the key issues and disputes within the differing analyses of the claim and do so within the parameters of the applicable policy. Ultimately, I present a qualified and solid foundation for my findings and seek to do so in a clear and precise way.

Independent, competent and impartial appraisal in accordance with the prevailing law, the insurance policy under which the appraisal process has been invoked, the Memorandum of Appraisal or appraisal rules to which the parties have agreed and other applicable ethics rules.


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